Formula Laps

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This page allows quick analysis of two Formula 1 drivers laps quickly. It was created to get a better understanding of the data that is available from Formula 1 and to give a quick visual comparison of how drivers achieve their lap times.

Although the page is responsive, due to the fact that the page shows data and graphs, the site offers a better experience on larger screens.


Use the filters below to select which session and drivers you want to analyse.

You can also filter the analysis to show;

Select a lap from each driver below to analyse car telemetry data.
Now select a lap for driver 2 below to analyse car telemetry data.

The track diagram below is coloured depending on which driver is fastest in each section.

Hover over the telemetry graphs to view track position, and to get a summary of the telemetry for each data point.

The delta chart provides a good guide of time delta over the lap, but due to the way the data is calculated the data should be treated as indicitive of trend only.

You can use the fullscreen icon on the right to maximise the viewing space for the graphs below.

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